Strange Facts About “Game Of Thrones”

No other show has been able to grip the world’s attention quite like Game of Thrones. This shoe first premiered in 2011 and came to an end in 2019. We’ve existed without the Stark family on our television screens for a while now, but we still miss those GOT Sunday nights.

This show was insanely expensive to produce, and it gave us some of the most developed special effects in any kind of filmed production. Keep reading to learn more about the actors, writers, and plot elements of this fantastic series.

Playing Younger


Every actor in Game of Thrones is older than the character that they play. The show had to age up many of the characters, meaning that most of the characters you see in the show (especially the children and teens) are actually a lot younger in the book series.

Daenerys was a teenager in the books, but she grows into a fierce young woman in the show. The “teen” who takes Bran to the raven was supposed to be 13 years old, but the actor who played him was 23.